Department of Communication, Image and Institutional Marketing

The Department of Communication, Image and Institutional Marketing is a university subdivision, created with the aim of streamlining internal communication between faculties, departments and institutional subdivisions, as well as promoting the University’s image and visibility in the national academic and social environment.


  • promoting the institutional image, strengthening the institutional identity and ensuring the visibility of CSPU in the academic and social environment through a continuous, efficient, fair and transparent communication process regarding the activities organized and promoted by the university.


  • promoting a positive institutional image both on an internal and external level by maintaining active communication with different categories of audience (employees, students, representatives of the labor market, partners, media etc.), managing the official and the social media pages of the institution, as well as strengthening the visibility of the university, through the development and distribution of promotional materials, information and institutional marketing.

Areas of activity:

  • Internal communication with faculties, departments and institutional subdivisions;
  • External communication with the various categories of audience interested in the educational offer, educational and research activities; with relevant institutions regarding the university’s policy and vision from public administration and academic environment; with partners: educational institutions, embassies, non-profit associations and organizations, media companies, private companies etc.;
  • Image and visual identity, the continuous development and strengthening of the institutional brand, as well as the identity elements of the university subdivisions in accordance with the Institutional Identity Book;
  • Institutional marketing, promoting the elements of institutional identity, the educational offer, institutional excellence.


Head of department

Lucia Sava
PhD, Associate Professor



Main specialist, in charge of internal communication


Specialist, in charge of external communication and mass-media


Senior specialist, in charge of graphics and design


Specialist, in charge of institutional branding and marketing


Department contacts

  • Address: 2069 Chisinau, 1 Ion Creanga Street, block 2, offices 13 and 14
  • Phone numbers: (+373) 22 747 208, (+373) 68 686 264
  • E-mails:,